Thursday, April 19, 2007

gel-à-tins update

**** Final update **** April 27

It arrived by expedited post the next day.

**** Update 3 **** April 26

It's in the mail!

**** Update on the update **** April 24

I sent an email to the customer service team and I got an answer.

They have a file open for me without any contact information as it was not properly recorded during our initial call.

Apparently they were back ordered on this stamp set but did not realize it until the next day.

Let's see if it arrives soon.

*** Orignal Post *** April 19

I wish I had one about my defective stamp set.

Not cool anymore.


martha said...

That's annoying. I'm going to email them now and ask ask about their defective products. (don't worry, they won't connect it with you) I think that companies need to know that customer disappointment spreads like wildfire. I'm going to ask if they have their problem fixed. Because I want that same set. (really, I do)

martha said...

sure it's in the mail....