Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Much ado about nothing

I chuckled today about the "outage". The ensuing hysterics were amusing.

Some quotes I especially enjoyed were:

“I started freaking out,” he said. “I started taking it apart. Turning it off. Turning it on. I took the battery out and cleaned it on my shirt. I was running around my hotel like a freak. It’s very sad. I love this thing.” (My mouth is still hanging open)

"We're 14 hours into no Blackberry, so you can imagine how things are" (Um, no life?)

"It's been a challenging day because I'm missing things left and right. That's not fun." (OK, a little slack - maybe it really was important)

"I felt like my left arm had been amputated" (I sincerely doubt it)

"vulnerable and uncomfortable" (poor baby - there, there) & "caused him to miss a breakfast appointment with a colleague" (Uh, phone call? The phone still worked!)

Perhaps if my livelihood depended on immediate communication my response would be quite different. I would have also got myself to a computer if it was that critical.

Don't get me wrong I love my crackberry. Particularly the fact that when I get mail I know it'll be someone I want to hear from.

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martha said...

This is so funny. My R hates his blackberry and would love it to go incommunicado -- he feels it keeps him tethered to his job -- even when trying to escape. I find the phone too much of a commitment, so I guess that I really don't get the addiction.......