Monday, April 02, 2007


I love the look of bleach stamping, however, I was reluctant to use bleach with my own stamps. I figured I would eventually get around to taking a class.

The advert for the new Castaway stamp pad immediately caught my eye - bleach stamping effect without the bleach. Interesting. I eagerly anticipated it's arrival in a local store.

A women saw that I was planning to purchase the stamp pad and casually shared her personal experience. Her opinion after taking a class was that the product was sub-par. Summary = Very smelly, smokey and very inconsistent results.

Based on this new information, I sadly put the stamp pad back on the shelf. I'd notice it everytime I'd go back and wonder if it was really that bad.

Thankfully that changed this weekend! I not only bought the stamp pad - I bought re-inkers too.

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