Monday, April 02, 2007

Play day

Yesterday was fun.

We started out by searching fruitlessly for the right bank machine. Then onto more important things like COFFEE and visiting Carmi at the show.

A quick bite to eat and then we were off to ASD in Bolton to attend:

1. a stamp of the month demo (which I only listened to - there was shopping to do)

2. participate in a card exchange (see - I'm not a mass hallucination)

3. a castaway bleach stamping class with Kelley Grace

Here's one of the cards I made in class. I wasn't even the last person to finish my card! Woohoo. That's gotta be a first.

Then I came home and discovered my better half made meatloaf and creamy twice baked potatoes for supper. I'm pretty sure there was another vegetable but I don't recall. Yum!


Susan Williamson said...

What a great card you created! And dinner too? There's nothing like good food and good art I always say...

Ronna said...

Okay, how do you get your better half to make meatloaf AND creamy twice baked potatoes (and another veggie too!)? I'm impressed!
Love the card!

uncertainvoyage said...

He loves to cook. Luckily for me. The other vegetable was corn btw.