Monday, April 30, 2007

I want gold eyelets

I want gold eyelets, simple gold eyelets. Yet they near impossible to find.

They must be passe.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Star book!!!!!!!

Here is my star book. It's going to be a quote book when completed. Just for me.

I spent a leisurely afternoon (well when my teacher wasn't cracking the whip - she knows me to well...) at BizzyB with Marissa and Karen.

I loved, loved, loved this class. I even let myself fold the paper without a bone folder. Trust me when I say I wanted to go buy a bone folder.

I had difficulty stitching the signatures together. I did it wrong in every way possible.

I undid my stitches many times. I needed a sticker to mark the top. Really it would have helped.

I still need to add the final pages. I decided that the original colour (goldenrod) no longer worked once I added my cover. Once I have the measurement I can cut my paper.

Thanks to Marissa for a fun, uplifting class.

Thanks to Karen for taking the class photo and the perfect gold ribbon.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I've always wanted to go on a picnic in one of the many Toronto parks.

This year am I going to.

Now I'll need to find the perfect picnic basket. Any suggestions?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

gel-à-tins update

**** Final update **** April 27

It arrived by expedited post the next day.

**** Update 3 **** April 26

It's in the mail!

**** Update on the update **** April 24

I sent an email to the customer service team and I got an answer.

They have a file open for me without any contact information as it was not properly recorded during our initial call.

Apparently they were back ordered on this stamp set but did not realize it until the next day.

Let's see if it arrives soon.

*** Orignal Post *** April 19

I wish I had one about my defective stamp set.

Not cool anymore.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Much ado about nothing

I chuckled today about the "outage". The ensuing hysterics were amusing.

Some quotes I especially enjoyed were:

“I started freaking out,” he said. “I started taking it apart. Turning it off. Turning it on. I took the battery out and cleaned it on my shirt. I was running around my hotel like a freak. It’s very sad. I love this thing.” (My mouth is still hanging open)

"We're 14 hours into no Blackberry, so you can imagine how things are" (Um, no life?)

"It's been a challenging day because I'm missing things left and right. That's not fun." (OK, a little slack - maybe it really was important)

"I felt like my left arm had been amputated" (I sincerely doubt it)

"vulnerable and uncomfortable" (poor baby - there, there) & "caused him to miss a breakfast appointment with a colleague" (Uh, phone call? The phone still worked!)

Perhaps if my livelihood depended on immediate communication my response would be quite different. I would have also got myself to a computer if it was that critical.

Don't get me wrong I love my crackberry. Particularly the fact that when I get mail I know it'll be someone I want to hear from.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


not your fears but your
hopes and your dreams.

not about your frustrations
but about unfulfilled

Concern yourself
not with what you tried
and failed in,
but with what it is still
for you to do.

- Pope John XXIII

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring at ATC Night

I made to the meeting almost on time.

Participants for this month were: Ludgera, Susan V., Diana, Marissa, Jacqui, Martha, Daniza and Sarah.

Thank you to all who I traded with.

This time I did bring my camera, however, I neglected to check if the battery was charged. Foiled again.

I completed my ATCs at 6AM Friday morning. I awoke at 5AM feeling guilty that I was planning to show up empty handed.

Due Date: 13APR07
Theme: Spring

Supplies used -
Paper: Cardstock (unknown)
Ink: Jacquard - Castaway (Clear), Versafine - Onyx Black
Stamps: PSX, Inkadinkado

Shamefully, I did not even complete my own side swap. I plead exhaustion. I promise I will have a self-portrait ATC for trade next month.

Martha brought a stash of goodies from Artfest. I admit I had a touch of envy.

Susan W., Mryn, Beverley and June we missed you.

It was suggested that tiaras should be worn at the next meeting. I concur.

Monday, April 02, 2007


I love the look of bleach stamping, however, I was reluctant to use bleach with my own stamps. I figured I would eventually get around to taking a class.

The advert for the new Castaway stamp pad immediately caught my eye - bleach stamping effect without the bleach. Interesting. I eagerly anticipated it's arrival in a local store.

A women saw that I was planning to purchase the stamp pad and casually shared her personal experience. Her opinion after taking a class was that the product was sub-par. Summary = Very smelly, smokey and very inconsistent results.

Based on this new information, I sadly put the stamp pad back on the shelf. I'd notice it everytime I'd go back and wonder if it was really that bad.

Thankfully that changed this weekend! I not only bought the stamp pad - I bought re-inkers too.

Play day

Yesterday was fun.

We started out by searching fruitlessly for the right bank machine. Then onto more important things like COFFEE and visiting Carmi at the show.

A quick bite to eat and then we were off to ASD in Bolton to attend:

1. a stamp of the month demo (which I only listened to - there was shopping to do)

2. participate in a card exchange (see - I'm not a mass hallucination)

3. a castaway bleach stamping class with Kelley Grace

Here's one of the cards I made in class. I wasn't even the last person to finish my card! Woohoo. That's gotta be a first.

Then I came home and discovered my better half made meatloaf and creamy twice baked potatoes for supper. I'm pretty sure there was another vegetable but I don't recall. Yum!


I've been a fan of this stamp company since I first discovered them. I'm an even bigger fan now.

Several months back whilst shamelessly shopping over someone else's shoulder at a local lss. I saw, loved and acquired an 0h-so-pretty set called Flourish.

I couldn't wait to try it out at home. I wasn't that pleased with the end result - the image just seemed indistinct. I just assumed it was me and put the set away for another day.

I was struggling to complete my cards when this set caught my eye again. No matter what I did I just couldn't get a crisp image from any stamp in the entire set. Maybe it wasn't just me.

I'm pleased to say that their customer service is awesome. I called and left a message with a brief description of the problem. I figured I'd hear back the next day. I was wrong. They (Wendy) called me back within 1 hour. A replacement set will be in the mail by tomorrow.

How cool is that?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Waitin until the very last minute...

You may recall that I had an idea for my upcoming card exchange?

Well, it sucked on paper. Yes, really. It was sooo much better in my head.

But just after midnight inspiration struck!