Sunday, April 15, 2007


not your fears but your
hopes and your dreams.

not about your frustrations
but about unfulfilled

Concern yourself
not with what you tried
and failed in,
but with what it is still
for you to do.

- Pope John XXIII


Susan Williamson said...

Thank you for the inspiring thoughts!

martha said...

This is wonderful, Cori (did you write this?)

Anything is possible. I struggled for many years. I fought hard to be where I am today. I had a vision and I stuck with it. Now I'm content. Happy. At peace with the world.

uncertainvoyage said...

Goodness no, I did not write this. It is a quote. The original post gave credit, however, it did not display correctly. I've updated it now. Thanks for the reminder. I have just been feeling out of sorts as of late and this quote cheered me. I wanted to share. I'm glad you're happy. {{hugs}}