Saturday, April 28, 2007

Star book!!!!!!!

Here is my star book. It's going to be a quote book when completed. Just for me.

I spent a leisurely afternoon (well when my teacher wasn't cracking the whip - she knows me to well...) at BizzyB with Marissa and Karen.

I loved, loved, loved this class. I even let myself fold the paper without a bone folder. Trust me when I say I wanted to go buy a bone folder.

I had difficulty stitching the signatures together. I did it wrong in every way possible.

I undid my stitches many times. I needed a sticker to mark the top. Really it would have helped.

I still need to add the final pages. I decided that the original colour (goldenrod) no longer worked once I added my cover. Once I have the measurement I can cut my paper.

Thanks to Marissa for a fun, uplifting class.

Thanks to Karen for taking the class photo and the perfect gold ribbon.

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