Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shopping and class day!

My aunt came to pick up us up this morning and after a few errands we headed to a fabric wholesaler. Which was kinda cool. I bought some fun, sparkly fabric.

Then a quick shopping trip and a bite to eat at T&T Market in WestEd Mall. It was a fun place to visit. I will need to get to the Cherry beach location when I get home. It is worth a second look.

I had read that a local store was going out of business after 40 years of business. Sounded like it might be interesting. It was a scavenger hunt! I think some of the stuff they had might have been from the day they opened. lol.

We headed home for a quick rest before heading to Bosch for the Hearty Soups and Chowders class. It was fun, informative and the soups/chowder (4) that they made were delicious. I have photos and will post when I get back. (they thought I was crazy!)

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