Saturday, October 27, 2007

Art club night

I did better.

We used microscope slides, alcohol inks, the Encore metallic ink pad, rubber stamps and Utee for Carmi's demo. It was fun and some of the ladies made some astounding slides.

I only ended up with one completed slide. I dipped it in gold UTEE because I wanted to try dipping. Its trickier than it looks. I plan to redo it with platinium. I'm just not a gold girl.

For the past month my 3x3 metal etching has been going everywhere with me. It even went out west with me, I tossed it in my luggage, crossed my fingers and hoped it would arrive with me.

I would take it out on the subway and stare at it thinking, "What the heck am I going to do with this?"

I finally decided to do something I though I never ever do. I put it in an altered book.
I had a grand delusion that I would actually finish the whole book before the meeting too.

yeah, no.

It's still very much a WIP. I plan to add UTEE to the front cover, which meant that I couldn't do the inside cover. (I want to use both sides of the metal piece) I plan to use a transparency and I'm pretty sure it won't stand up to the heat.

The assignments were unveiled at the end. I got to go first (bless you Carmi!).

Many of the assignments were a al deMeng. Which was very cool. The thing I regret most about not attending his class is learning how he mixes paint.

I had my camera but no memory card. I hope Carmi doesn't mind that I 'borrowed' her photo.

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martha brown said...

YOU DID GREAT! Your book was wonderful -- I didn't actually get to look at it closely -- because everything went around the table and then onto the picture area before it got to me! I just realized that when I looked at the photo. Darn.
That UTEE dripping was tricky -- mine's all lumpy. I'm not so sold on the gold either-- I'd like sparkly!!! I'm going to try Diamond glaze and then sprinkle on glitter....