Friday, January 19, 2007

What fun! I've been tagged

by Carmi to reveal five little known things about me. My train trip to London gave me time to consider this.

Here goes!

1. I shaved my head for charity. In November. Man oh man it was COLD!

2. I refused to purchase furniture for almost 10 years because I was moving back West at 'anytime'. I still consider myself a westerner.

3. I'm passionate about the defence of the romance novel. It ticks me off when people look down on the genre. Romance fiction comprises 53.3% of ALL paperback fiction sold in North America. I even appeared on national TV - although even now I can only peek through my fingers to watch it.

4. I have a secret desire to be a superhero. ohmygoshi'msoembarrassednow (not so secret anymore)

5. I used to live with five guys. I was greatly amused by peoples' reaction once they found this out.
Surprise ... wait for it ...
Doubt and/or disbelief (as they not so subtly eyed me) ...wait for it ...
Disapproval (apparently they believed I was a very naughty girl)

I tag June, Marissa, Jenni, Jacqui and Caroline. If you don't have a blog just post in the comments section.

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