Saturday, January 13, 2007

ATC Night

These ladies bring joy into my life.

Daniza, Marissa, Martha, Diana, Jacqui, Susan and Myrna were trading tonight. I love each card I received. Mine, mine, mine!!!

I always forget to ask if I can publish the cards I receive!! Darn it. I know its okay for some but I would prefer permission from all.

There was a dramatic reading of 'Little Women' by Martha. Hot Little Women indeed.

Marissa demonstrated several techniques, my favorite was crayon resist with a Fiskars texture plate. I gotta remember how to do that!

My submission for this month was 'Snow Queen'.

Due Date: 12JAN07
Theme: Winter
Supplies used -Paper: Bazzill & plain white cardstock
Clip Art: Microsoft, Dover
Words: Hans Christian Andersen
Floss: DMC
Stitch: how ever it poked through the paper

Paint: Making Memories
Stamp: Catslife press (back)
Status: Complete


We missed you June.

I'm happy to report that she is back online!


martha said...

And the ones I got are MINE MINE MINE! I had fun. I like our Friday nights. I miss June -- Hopefully she'll be there next time. We can shower her with LOVE.

jackie L said...

You did a great job on your snow queen atc's, I really liked it and the stitching looked good, a suggestion, loosen up your thread tension next time then maybe it won't pull the paper also maybe a smaller needle, just a suggestion from another artsy phartsy type!