Monday, January 15, 2007

I guess it just wasn't for me

I had only glanced through a friend's copy. That glance made me believe it was going to be a perfect addition to my library.

I was wrong.

Once I actually sat down with 'Alphabetica', I discovered that it is essentially fluff. Very prettily wrapped fluff. Gorgeous photographs, lots of inspiration, VERY little instructional information. The Masters: Artist Workshops section was especially disappointing.

I'm confident that I will find a good home for it. Someone else will love it.

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Jackie L said...

It now has a good home, and I love it. Everything you didn't like about it, I do. It inspired me to action tonight, I sat down with an ATC and painted through alphabet stencils, not sure I like the results but, that's ok, I can sand it after it's dry and gesso is my favourite art supply. I also did a page in my blank book art journal. The stencils I purchased today at the dollar store, 4 in the pkg. different sizes. I am pleased, thanks Cori!!!!!