Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Art snobbery?

I find an art supply store a little bit overwhelming.

heavy body acrylic fluid acrylics coloured pencils pastels gel medium watercolour oil alkyds gouache cold pressed palettes brayers gesso solvents varnish gloss matte satin finish GAC 400 iridescent encaustic paper weights mixing medium walls of brushes palette paper canvas

It just sort of washes right over me. Like a tidal wave.

This time I brought a book with me to show the staff exactly what I was looking for. Because people who work in art stores assume you know what they are talking about.

One staff member commented that the artist made some "very cool" stuff. He asked me if the book was from the library. I said no, but that it likely would be as the artist, Claudine Hellmuth, is well known.

Then he turned to the other staff member and said, "Even though it's not real art".


What exactly is 'real' art?


claudine hellmuth said...

ha! those art store people can be such snobs! I was just talking about that the other day with a friend.

Carmi said...

Snippy art store staff are destined for a life of misery.