Sunday, January 21, 2007

It wasn't scary at all

Silly me. They didn't even bite.

I get so worked up about new situations. I had no luck finding the acrylic paint * eye roll *. Soooooo I bought some more on my way there.

I was to shy to actually work on my book. All those eyes would have freaked me out for sure. I was fun to participate (OK, talk with - there wasn't much work going on!) in a group of talented women. I'm starting to 'get' that you can't really make a mistake. Which is quite different from not liking what you have done. They were synonymous in my mind before.

Mary Ambrose did an altered book demo with the focus on Windows and Portals which I enjoyed very much.

I am going to work in my new book at least once each week until I can attend another ABC meeting.

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martha said...

The ABC meetings are all about the talking --- it's all about the support. I usually don't even attempt to do anything!I did on Sunday because I had huge deadlines.That had passed. You know how it is.....