Tuesday, December 11, 2007

that Book! Cover to Cover

As promised, I am posting each individual page of my Altered Abbey 'Thinspiration' Skinny book.

You can see the cover here.
Thanks to my friend Kenny for taking the photos for me.

In Order of Apperance

Page 1: My page.

Page 2: Denice O'Heron

Page 3: Amy Smith

Page 4: Jamie Vowell

Page 5: Jane Melohn

Page 6: Kim Tedrow

Page 7: M. Kathleen Hendrix

Page 8: Joanie Hoffman

Page 9: Annie Yu

Page 10: "Inner Guidance Dance" by Gena Lumbruso

Page 11: 'Originality' Kristin "Krissy" Chadwick

Page 12: Katelyn Thomas

Page 13: Chrysti Hydeck

Page 14: "The Old Schoolhouse" by Mary Foreman

Page 15: Seth Apter

Page 16: "Create" by Laura Melohn

Page 17: Susan Goodell

Page 18: Tina Shoaga

Page 19: Mary Franzenburg

Page 20: Tamara Randi

Page 21: Florence Brick

Page 22: Nici Derosier

Page 23: Beverley Teichrob

Page 24: Ellen Gray

Page 25: Jane Altshuler
This page wasn't bound into the book as it is very thick. I guess it was to hard to punch through. I'm going to try to find a way to add this page to my book. Wish me luck!

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thealteredpage said...

Thanks for sharing these. Although I have the same book, many of the individual pages are different. Great to see another set! Seth