Sunday, December 16, 2007

Swing ... and a miss

I have been frantically working on my Altered Abbey skinny book pages. Twice.

Twice you ask? Yes, twice.

I was on track - backgrounds done, images dyes in tea and cut out (almost all), words printed, cut and dyed and a tree image altered and printed.

Then my sewing machine died and my little guy got really sick. I can still hear his little tiny voice apologizing (??) for being sick in the middle of the night as I stripped him and the bed. Poor little guy. My heart still goes out to him thinking about it.

The pages were quickly set aside with a deadline looming. I checked the site for updates and hoped I could pull it together in time.

My original idea had been to sew the acetate to the pages. That was before my machine broke down. I am not a whiz with the spray adhesive. My test page looked awful (No, I wasn't being hard on myself - it looked sticky and gobby).

Time to figure out something else. Think, think, THINK.

I headed in another direction which I wasn't entirely sure of, however, I kept working madly.
My little voice kept saying no, no, no! I ignored it. Phew! Finished.
I set the pages aside to dry.

A couple of days later ... I took out the pages and they were a mess. There was NO WAY I could submit them in good conscience. Don't believe me? Here take a look yourself.

I sat and stared at the pages with growing horror. I had to start over. I was officially late a few days already. Should I or shouldn't I?

I did. It made me really late (Sorry, sorry, sorry Chrysti) but I feel much better about my contribution to the book.

So that's what I have been up to. I'll post pics of the new pages soon. Just working up the nerve.

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