Sunday, December 09, 2007

family sunday and Santa

We managed to be out the door on time (sorta).

Onto the 505 streetcar (it came first), I love taking the street car. We meander through the downtown to our destination. We decide to walk down to Queen Street via the Eaton Centre.

I've walked through the Eaton Centre many, many times but it's all new with a toddler. I loved that it was almost devoid of shoppers as we strolled. (Merry Christmas to one and all. lol.) He loved the reindeer and Santa's sleigh. I was dazzled by the Swarovski Christmas Tree. What can I say? It's a well known fact I am drawn to all things shiny. We all enjoyed looking at the window displays. What is it about Christmas displays? They just seem brighter, happier and joyful.

Out of the Eaton centre and onto the street. Where we patiently waited for the light to change and were almost struck by a car. As usual, the driver was speaking on their cell phone, their passenger, merrily driving along while not paying attention. I would have wrote the license plate down but it happened so quickly. After safely crossing, I stopped and gave my son a BIG hug. He wanted no part of it - tough kid, momma needed it.

We stopped to check out the Bay windows, they were gorgeous. For just a moment I was transported back to the magic of childhood. I was getting all nostalgic but was quickly returned to reality by an impatient toddler. Maybe he'll be impressed next year.

We arrived at the Arcadian Court for breakfast with Santa. They had elves, a balloon artist, an musical entertainer, face painting, colouring books and food. Oh and a really huge Dora that terrified him.

We met up with my friend, her husband and her adorable daughter. It was so fun to meet her. They brought our little guy a gift. (ohmygoodimsoembarrased) Why didn't I think of that? I was born without the proper girl gene. I even forgot their Christmas card. Can you spell L * O * S * E * R ?

We headed back to our table to have breakfast and wait for the big guy. My son and I got matching snowflakes from one of the ladies who was face painting. I tried to get him interested in the singing but he wanted to sit at the table with us or maybe it was the balloon reindeer.

Then the moment arrived. Santa! Santa! Santa!

We lined up to get a picture with Santa. He was a little wary but no crying this year. He was thrilled to get a little yellow bear and a candy cane. All in all, it was a fun event. We plan to go back next year.

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