Thursday, December 06, 2007

breakfast with Santa

We are taking my son to have breakfast with Santa this weekend in the Arcadian Court at The Bay downtown. Then we are taking our photos with Santa. I love taking photos with Santa.

I'm really looking forward to it, even though my son has loudly announced he doesn't like Santa.

While I'm there I going to check out the interactive holiday windows. Here's a little promotional blurb:
The Bay is spreading festive cheer among children, adults, and even
technology buffs, with the latest Christmas window technology from IBM. For the
first time ever, the Bay's famous Christmas windows could include your image.
Using new technology from IBM, a high-tech sensor will capture the image of a
passers-by and project it into the window. The results can also be printed on a
4x6 holiday postcard compliments of the Bay. The windows at both the downtown
Toronto and Vancouver locations are using the IBM developed technology as a part
of their Christmas displays. With its hi-tech sensor capability, the system
reacts when it senses a customer touching the graphic display.

I'm curious to check it out and see how people are responding to it.

I also really excited to meet up with a friend from work at the breakfast. We have never actually met but have known each other for years.


Susan Williamson said...

Now I just have to go to T.O. to check out the windows. I used to love doing this when I was a little girl.

Sherry said...

How did your son like breakfast with Santa? I haven't been to the Arcadian Court for years...
Did you love the windows? I'm loving that they've gone back to doing them the way they did when I was a kid (when it was Eaton's and Simpson's).