Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What I made at class

This is the book (the blue one) I made in class. You'll have to click on the photo to see it. I'm going to add some beads to the little tail.

Just one class. I'm still impressed.
Hey, it's ME - glacial pace girl.

Part of the reason I fell behind was that I was actually trying the techniques that Claire was teaching. Then I realized only a few people were actually doing what she asked us to do.

I am decidedly not a fan of the Ranger paint daubers after this class. They were maddening to use.


Anonymous said...

ok "Glacial Girl" how about a new post?

martha said...

What a beautiful book -- sheesh -- I shoulda taken that class! Why don't you like the daubers? I LOVE them -- except for the fact that I bought, like, 20 and they are all dried up now. But I loved them when they worked.......

uncertainvoyage said...

To: anonymous
Uhm, doesn't glacial explain it? I'm working on it!

To: Martha
thanks! Exactly the problem - the paint did not flow easily.