Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hello again!

I didn't mean to neglect you.

I've been a little withdrawn for the past week. Just not in a good place.

I have not accepted my birthdays with anything close to grace once I entered my thirties. This past sunday was no exception.

I was listening to two blue collar guys conversing on my subway commute during this past week, I can't recall the date - I suppose it really doesn't matter. The first guy said to the other that he is moody and depressed because it was his birthday a few days ago. The second guy stared at him for a minute and then he agreed that the same thing happens to him.


Anonymous said...

moody?!? definitely an understatement... :|

martha said...

It was your birthday? I didn't know -- You girls never tell me anything..... Happy Birthday! -- I don't celebrate mine.