Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sitting down to savor my wonderful new ATCs!

Our group is growing, the turnout gets larger each time.

Participants for this month were: Marissa, Susan W, Beverley, Myrn, Susan V, Barb, Diana, Jacqui, Joanne, Ludgera, Daniza and Sarah.

Thank you to all who I traded with. I was glad I made a few extra this time. I got two back - perfect. Now I don't have to make extra cards for June and Martha. I'm especially glad to have received one card back. It needs some additional work before it goes to its new home. lol.

I hate to play favorites with my ATCs; I always mentally choose which ones I think will come back. I try not to peek as they go around the table. I'm always surprised at what makes its way back to me if the cards exceed the number of traders. I have yet to chose correctly.

I brought my camera to get a picture of the group and I forgot. Phooey.

I also wanted to suggest that we submit a group profile to ATC Quarterly.

IMO - we need a name for our group! Suggestions?

Does anyone want to do a side swap for next month? I'd like to do a self-portrait ATC. I'll trade with you if you bring one too.

Martha and June we missed you.


martha said...

I really meant to come -- but I am so sick. Just in time for March Break :(

I'd love to do a self portrait ATC for you -- any medium???

uncertainvoyage said...

Yup, any medium. Hope you are feeling better soon. :(

martha said...

okie dokie

Jeanne said...

Hi, FYI re: your previous profile image, see the following for the photographer and rights.

i believe the photographer has granted permission to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License." which means you can use it.

I just used the image in a collage for a round robin book on angels.

Thanks, Jeanne

uncertainvoyage said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for the info! The specific image I was using is from the a copy in the Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana (Chapman H Hyams tomb). It just made me feel to guilty. I adore the image. I would purchase it in a second.

Did you post your angel rr collage online? I'd love to see it.