Saturday, March 24, 2007

No art this week

No art this week. I miss my supplies. Does planning my ATCs and cards count?

I had a very small bag packed to take with me. It's still on the computer desk at home. Really I don't need another trimmer, scissors, etc. Do I?

I've visited three scrapbook stores in Edmonton.

Scrap-A-Lot - I liked them on the last visit - this time the lady working was cordial to everyone (the dreaded regulars) but distinctly icy with me. Likely won't go back. What a shame because it's a nice store.

Creative Scrapbooks - no opinion. It seemed to be a very nice store, however, I had four people waiting for me in the car. Which doesn't lend its self to a leisurely browse.

Scrap and Bean - See here for opinion.

I did purchase two new books. I'm a sucker for technique books. I'm just not the type read at the computer. I'd rather curl up on the couch with a book and hot beverage.

I also bought 1300+ brads. It was accidental - I didn't realize how many I actually had.

The lady at the store asked if I had a big project.

I replied that I didn't - then she simply thought I was nuts. Plus she likely wasn't enthused that we had to count them all by hand. You try giving them back after the final count.

I didn't have the nerve.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are a clown.

Too bad about the first store...that unfortunately seems to be the norm at most stores (no matter where or what type). Whatever happened to proper customer service.
Don't they realize that you could easily drop beaucoup d'cash.
My advice to all never ass-u-me.