Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fantastic scrapbook store

I have been wanting to visit this scrapbook store ever since I found it on the web.

I wasn't disappointed.

It is located a fair distance from my parents house, so I've been unable to visit until now. I chatted with Camille a few minutes and she was helpful, personable and professional.

The name of the store is the Scrap & Bean. The layout is warm and inviting - it draws you right in. To browse, to relax, to socialize and create. It is such a charming store.

They recently celebrated their first anniversary - I hope they have many more.

I would love for this store to be my lss.


june said...

ok so what did you buy?

uncertainvoyage said...

A book. AND I got my better half to spring for one more. Sneaky huh?