Thursday, January 03, 2008

No resolutions for me just another goal - hand made birthday cards

Goal 3: Hand made birthday cards

This goal is pretty straight forward.

I want to make handmade birthday cards for all my friends. IRL and bloggy.

BUT I need to compile a birthday list for all my friends. I'm terrible I always forget birthdays - not this year! I'm going to write them down.

So if you'd like a birthday card from me, leave a comment with your name and month/day.

How do I measure this goal?
I'm sure you'll let me know! In fact I'm counting on it.


juneh said...

heh...heh...heh. you're telling ME that you are bad with bdays!!!!

Carmi said...

May 18th!
I love a card in the mail!
Plus, the club list is coming together too....11 more to make there!