Sunday, June 10, 2007

An island kind of guy

We promised our son that he could go to the Island on Sunday.

He loves the island.

Without fail he asks to go every single week.

The little daredevil begged to go on the dragon roller coaster. And he liked it.

Me? Not so much.


martha said...

I'm planning to go to the island NEXT weekend. It had better be warm...... I won't be on the dragon coaster. I'll be hiding from the crowds on a hidden beach. A secret beach. You're so lucky. My daughter NEVER wanted to go to the island.

a canuck's blog... said...

Hey M is it the nudie beach?!?!?

uncertainvoyage said...

My guy would go to the island every single day.

A secret beach? Like a secret garden? Fun.

I'd forgotten about J's suggestion though... lol.

You'll have to let us know which one it is....