Friday, June 08, 2007

Hanging with The Hive

Yup, we picked a name for our group. Finally.

Our 'official' name is The ATC Hive. Just so long as we don't get called the 'hives'.

Huge turnout tonight - I thought it would be a small group tonight. Go figure.

Susan W. was kind enough to consent to let me photograph and publish her ATC haul tonight.

Welcome Kris and Colette!

Participants for this month were:

Traders: Diana, Marissa, Barb, Sarah, Ludgera, Susan V. June, Kris, Susan W. and Colette
Observers: Martha, Daniza, Jolanta, Beverley and Cori

Due Date: 08June07
Theme: Italy
Supplies used - NONE. I did not make any. Bad girl! I regret it now - the ladies made some w * o * n * d * e * r * f * u * l ATCs.

Jacqui, Myrn and Joanne we missed you.

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martha said...

Yes, the cards were great, weren't they. We're such losers, LOL. Well, I am anyway...... but next time we'll be HOT WOMEN! woo hoo!