Sunday, November 26, 2006

holly jolly sale

I love going to Carmi's Holly Jolly sale. I mark it on my calender early.

I eagerly check all the vendor tables to see what is for sale - so much to oooh and ahhh at.

I always spend to much! I was well on my way to purchasing from each vendor's table - I just ran out of time. I think this was a good thing.

This year I got there a little later than I planned. Thanks to my certainty that I didn't need to consult a map or the directions. Really it must be the only place in Toronto that the streets aren't in a grid formation.

Usually if I've been somewhere once, I can find my way back with minimal effort - quite a blow to the ego.

Thanks and hugs to Carmi for organizing another great event.

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a canuck's blog... said...

No sweetie. Your GREAT co-piloting skills just come to the forfront when you need to use them yourself!