Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Toronto the Good? - I think not

Are you ready for another TTC story?

My son and I took the 504 streetcar home tonight just as we always do. Except this time he forgot his little blue book bag (containing his two very favorite books) on the seat. His much adored-goes with him everywhere-sleeps with book bag.

I realized he did not have his bag just as the streetcar rumbled across the intersection. Oh crap. We waited for the next 504 streetcar with the hope that his bag could be quickly retrieved.

The TTC operator was very kind to my tearful toddler. She did her very best to help us. They contacted the driver ahead of us. I could actually SEE the street car we'd been on ahead of us. He checked and no bag. We got off the second streetcar and began walking back home.

I knew it was always a possibility we could lose the bag. I just hoped it wouldn't happen.

I'm disappointed not with the TTC but rather the citizens of Toronto.

Now I ask you. Who takes a toddler's bag, books, crayons and drawings and keeps it?

Toronto the Good? Not to me.

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Sherry said...

I often wonder about the other people in this city...as you said..who would want, never mind take a toddler's bag with little lovelies inside it? I can only hope that whoever took it intended to turn it in...I'm such an optimist!