Friday, September 28, 2007

First meeting

I survived.

I was both excited and terrified to attend my very first meeting.

My project didn't turn out quite as I hoped. I did learn a lot though.

I wanted my project to be simple and quiet. What I didn't expect, was that it was going to end up looking so 'flat' (it definitely needed a three dimensional object) and frankly ugly. Even more embarrassingly (IMO) it looked as if I had thrown it together the night before. Not quite what I was going for. In reality, I spent many, many hours on it. Should I be admitting that out loud? I looked at my project and only one word came to mind. Expulsion. Immediate.

I think I went pale when the first cabinet was revealed. I know I forgot to breathe. Each cabinet was unique and more delightful than the one that preceeded it.

Then came mine. I truly wished the floor would open and swallow me whole. I believe I said "I don't wanna." Lovely use of the English language. I can only imagine how I looked.

I will eventually post a photo. I might smile or even laugh about it in the future. Today I can't.

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