Saturday, September 29, 2007

Arrived safe

I shut off my alarm.

Sooooo that meant that I woke up exactly six minutes before my cab was to arrive. I said something like 'Oh shoot'. Likely much less PG.

He charges me for being late (over ten minutes - I wasn't) and for stopping at the cash machine. I didn't expect that. It made me decidedly grumpy. It also ate up his tip. I feel strongly about tipping, so now you know how grumpy I was. I was a little uneasy about my tipping karma. I should have tipped him.

I got my boarding pass and proceeded to security. What do I find in my purse? Sharp, sharp scissors. "You can't take those on the plane." the security lady says sternly. I think to myself, "Oh, really? I hadn't figured that out yet." I smiled sheepishly and asked if I could mail them home to myself. Off I went to the mail kiosk. What can I say? I like those scissors.

Back to Security, I set off the alarms, sigh and assume 'the position'. The security guy asks if I have a metal belt on. I raise my shirt slightly and there is my Blackberry still affixed to my hip. Oops. Let's try that again.

Next stop. Coffee. The Tim Horton's line is very, very, very long. I arrive at the line at the same time as another women. She elbows me out of the way. It's a good thing this act rendered me speechless. I can't imagine that I would have said anything remotely nice. I just shook my head because I would have let her go ahead of me.

Coffee in hand, I head to the bookstore. I am anticipating my leisurely, child free flight, however, I'm disappointed by the book selection. I finally choose two books. "Kill the Messenger" by Tammy Hoag and "The Thirteenth Tale" by 'Diane Setterfield. I head to the till and discover that I've lost 20 dollars somewhere in the airport. See what I mean about tip karma?

The flight was great and I savor the free time.

As I get closer to Alberta, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing my guys. (Mom and Dad too!)

My son is happy to see me (what a squeaky voice he has -lol) and is looking around excitedly . Up, down, behind me. Finally he asks where his 'surprise' is. Thanks kid. It was me silly.

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