Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not a good day to be a TTC employee

What a day! I wish I was saying it in a good way.

I took what should have been a quick trip. It took 3 1/2 hours.

I have to admit that I could have shaved off almost an hour if I hadn't taken pity on a poor man who was hopelessly lost. Proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

If I understood him - his name was Choosaun. (Apologies for the spelling). I think he had been going in circles because he was confused by the all the trains at Museum station. Three directions on one track and southbound Y/U trains on the other track. I imagine if you didn't speak English it was confusing.

I'm here to tell you the TCC instructions stunk. The staff were very patient and polite even though you could tell they were extremely stressed. They were grouchy to each other though!

Museum station was a zoo. I tell you it was a little disconcerting to hear a different answer from everyone. The train driver (his trains sign), the conductor, the TTC guy on the platform and the PA system all providing contradictory information. Add confused, frustrated and angry riders. Quite a volatile combination.

There were a least three problems that I could identify.

1. Train switch problem (result of the construction detour) that slowed down and eventually caused a service disruption between Ossington and Broadview.

2. To few shuttle buses to accommodate the exodus of subway patrons (Six buses passed us before we were able to get on). Someone actually reached out and pushed my bum onto the bus - I kid you not. Thanks I think. Don't forget I still had the 'lost' guy with me (he was in front of me and not the 'pusher'). And finally our bus driver relied on her passengers for directions to Broadview station.

3. A near riot at Broadview station. There must have been seven fire trucks, who knows how many police cars, paramedics and of course the media. The queue of riders waiting to get back onto the subway platform was backed up to the collectors level. Congestion indeed.

I like to thank a sweet girl named Amanda for translating (Cantonese - made even more challenging because they did speak the same dialect) and making sure that 'Choosaun' reached his destination. I was really touched because I probably would have taken him myself if she hadn't offered. I hope you ace your accounting exam tomorrow Amanda. p.s. Take the street car...


j said...

ahh the city...can't you wait until the "entering the core tax" comes into play?!?!?
And people who rub up against you in public places are called frauteurs..nice eh?


martha said...

this sounds horrible. Luckily I only had to take the subway from Lansdowne to Ossingtom -- but Ossington was a zoo.

And yes, as teenagers, we were encouraged to engage in "frottage" (instead of the real thing).