Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Inspired by Marissa

100 Dream Craft / Scrapbook List

This "To Do" list was inspired by Marissa. Thanks for the nudge! I don't have a hundred things ... yet!

1. Start my son's scrapbooks. I have a lot of documentation, photos, ideas and a whole lotta fear about doing it wrong!

2. Organize all my craft supplies. I have containers and a brother label maker. I only got as far as labeling all my ink pads.

3. Have a real craft / crop space.

4. Use all my supplies at least once!

5. Learn a new technique each month - at the very least!

6. Consistently meet deadlines.

7. Create cards and/or album for the South Riverdale Child-Parent annual fundraising auction. Really next year. Maybe if I start now....

8. Take a book binding class.

9. Learn calligraphy. I looked into this but didn't follow through.

10. To teach at a store or hostess/plan and execute fabulous crop.

11. To get my work published.

12. Learn to take better photographs.

13. Really learn to use my Adobe Photoshop.

14. Learn to sew. My mom gave me a sewing cabinet and a nice machine. I haven't even opened it. *shame*

14. Take up belly dance again and document it. There I said it. I rarely admit I did.Even if I was hopeless - I had fun!

15. Create a book of me

16. Complete handmade Christmas cards and mail them.

17. Learn colour theory

18. Learn how to use a colour wheel

19. Write letters to my favorite authors/artists to say thanks

20. A year of handmade birthday cards for everyone I know.

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