Monday, July 23, 2007

I declare War.

You may have to hold your nose for this post.

I've always paid the GST on items I've ordered from the States (mostly without complaint). Even if they aren't even available in our country.

I've never asked:
1. to have my item marked as a 'gift'
2 requested a false invoice be included
3. requested a lower amount be declared on the customs form

I just shrugged, figuring it was one of those inevitable, annoying things.

The brokerage fee always irritated me though. Thanks, but I've already paid for postage and now I'll have to travel out of my way to pick up my package.

They chose to cull my package from a mountain of mail and I imagine they already get paid very well to do so. Why should I be charged for this dubious honour?

I have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of my very first FAT book. It came today. Yippee right? Not exactly. It also arrived with a customs declaration slip requesting $6.88 before I could claim my package.

That's right. The government decided to collect a $1.88 from me. What enrages me is they also charged me $5.00 to collect it. This is nothing more than a hidden tax.

Yes, let's go after the packages labeled 'Art book'. Those suspicious, shifty, sneaky altered book artists. Ah yes, my tax dollars at work.

It also got me thinking - exactly how much money in brokerage fees does Canada Post collect annually? Where does the money go?

I smell something very rotten.


martha said...

I had to pay $30 last year to work in someones altered book. I tell everyone who sends me fatbooks, and RRs to say "scrapbook" . I don't have my polka dot book yet -- perhaps it is held up at the border. But, unfortunately, if I have to pay a brokerage fee, then it will get shipped back to California, and I won't get the book. I don't pay duties/fees on non commercial items. I tried to appeal the $30 (like the post office told me to)but it got me no where. So if mine is held up, it will go back to Heather, and I will have her re-ship it (it will cost less to do this). She should have known better than to put "art" on an international package -- I'll let her know.

uncertainvoyage said...

I think it had more to do with the amount declared for the book value. A dime over $20.00 and they charge you. I'm going to send this back. This was not a purchase - it is a trade!